Kamis, 02 April 2009


"I love to be indonesian.. " have you go to Bali? have you go to Bunaken? I think you alredy knew about that place. yah.. Both of theme are one of a beautiful place in Indonesia. They give us natural object to make us amazed, with nice culture or nice view.

Now.. Have you heard about Wakatobi? I think not all of you knew about that place.. Wakatobi give us more than Bunaken & Bali give... especialy for marine tourism, Wakatobi is one of the beautiful place in indonesia is having to realize the only real underwater paradise at the world's coral reef triangle center. Wakatobi is also situated geographically at the world's coral reef triangle center with its 942 fish species and 750 coral reef species from total 850 of world's collection comparing to the two world's famous diving center like Caribbean Sea that owes only 50 species and other 300 coral reef species in the Red Sea, Egypt.

Beside the underwater beauty, Wakatobi has also other beauty and richness such as white sandy beach, clear sea water, sunset in every islands edge, historical ruins like ancient fortresses and cannon that spread out in the four main islands, old village with its pillar house, traditional waving, blacksmiths, Bajo tribe and various particular dances. This nature and culture heritages put Wakatobi as the world's famous marine tourism objects.

Wakatobi located at Tukang Besi islands, Sout East Sulawesi Province. Wakatobi is the abbreviation of four main islands name which are: WA (Wangi-wangi), KA (Kaledupa), TO (Tomia) and BI (Binongko), covers an area of 1.400.000 hectares and the coral reef places 90.000 hectares from the total area. The island is also famous as the second largest Barrier after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia consists of 39 islands and 7 of them are inhabited with the total population of 100.563, while the rest remain uninhabited

How to get there? You can go there by plane from Bali. (Jakarta-Bali-Wakatobi). Or you can go by wooden boat from Bau-bau (Jakarta-Makasar-Bau-bau-Wakatobi).

Wanna see what a beautiful of Wakatobi? check this link below..


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  1. I love Indonesia...

  2. kapan yaa,, bisa ke sanaa... pengen diving n poto2.... keren bangeddd pic nyaa.... ^^

  3. sekarang sudah ada pesawat kesana buk...
    600rb bisa PP Kendari-Wakatobi..
    selamat mencoba